When it seems like so many things are changing all the time, it’s nice to know there are a few things you can count on.

Mary’s father started in the insurance industry in 1955.  Mary started as an advisor in 1987 and then purchased the business in 1995. Keeping the thread of family business, Jeff Edmonstone, Mary’s son, joined the team as an advisor in 2005. In early 2022 Jeff purchased the business from Mary. Jeff and Mary developed a detailed succession and transition plan and continue to work together to successfully transition the business to the next generation.   

The business is focused on one primary task: providing sound financial planning advice to families, professionals and business owners. Our attention to planning stems from the awareness that sometimes people end up making financial decisions without a plan, and in the end, the decisions aren’t always ideal.

While we are absolute advocates of investments, life insurance, mortgage insurance, group benefits, critical illness and disability insurance, we are very clear that they are only the right answer when they are solving a problem or serving a goal – your goal. They are simply tools we use to help you take care of what matters to you.