A lot of things matter to us, and when we sat down together and took a long hard look at the core of what’s important to us, here’s what we recognized:

Appreciate people - in every interaction, show respect and appreciation for other people's ideas, opinions and efforts.

Everybody needs a cheerleader - everyone needs a pat on the back, support and to know when they're doing a good job. Acknowledge what people do right before anything else.

No one should feel broken - we all have tough times but we don't have to feel broken. We take the time to care enough to support each other in the very best way we can.

Cherish your goals - we set goals that matter, and we do everything we can to make it happen because they're that important. Our clients set goals too and it’s not enough to achieve them; they deserve to be cherished.

Do something about it – when we operate as if there is no "someone else," it focuses our attention on taking action that’s relevant and meaningful. If we see it and it needs to be done, we do it.

It's not "somebody else’s business" - every one of us is responsible and accountable for our part in making a difference. We don’t think “that’s none of my business,” we think “how can we help?”