Do your investments help reduce carbon emissions?

Canada Life - Oct 07, 2022
Let clients know that our portfolios include carbon transition
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Do your investments help reduce carbon emissions?

We know you care about making the world a better place – for today and tomorrow. You want the products you buy, the companies you do business with and the places where you work to show a commitment to the greater good.

Human induced climate change is a critical and urgent issue. We’re seeing impacts from more extreme weather, such as heavy precipitation events, floods, heat waves, droughts and wildfires. One major contributor to climate change is  greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), in the air. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we can help begin to mitigate the effects of climate change.

How can you help?

Did you know that there are companies around the globe that are adopting carbon transition strategies and seeing their impact on climate change? Carbon transition strategies look for companies managing their carbon footprint and/or those companies pursuing solutions to climate related challenges. This includes: 

  • Renewable energy technology
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Green buildings and infrastructure
  • Sustainable transport
  • Water management
  • Waste management and land management 
  • And more 

These initiatives are being noticed. In a recent survey, four out of five investors said they wanted responsible investing (RI) in their portfolio1? Investors were specific about the type of RI actions and investments they would like. 78% of people who responded said they would like a part of their portfolio to invest in companies providing solutions to reduce carbon emissions. 80% of people who responded would like their fund manager to encourage Canadian corporations to reduce their carbon emissions. Are you one of those investors?

Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios allow you to invest for returns while reshaping the future. Taking a socially conscious approach doesn’t have to come at the expense of performance. Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios include a Carbon transition strategy in the portfolios to help you balance risk and returns while aiming to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable world.

Success is about combining effective and responsible solutions with advice you can trust. Connect with me to get help building a sustainable portfolio for you and your financial goals.

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